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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does my iPhone need to be connected to my Apple Watch while I climb?

    Nope! The Apple Watch app works independently from your phone, allowing you to leave your phone behind during a workout. Once you are done the Watch will automatically sync with your Phone.

  2. Is it possible to log an unfinished climb?

    Yes, long press on the level button to log an attempt.

  3. Can I log Redpoints, Flashes, or the names of the routes?

    Yes, you can log anything as a note on a climb by force touching the Apple Watch and selecting "Add Note" or in the widget pressing on the note icon.

  4. Can I undo a climb from the Apple Watch?

    You can undo the last action you've taken by force touching the Apple Watch and selecting "Undo".

  5. Can I change from Boulder to Top Rope during a workout?

    On the Apple Watch, you can change the current discipline by force touching the screen and selecting "Change Discipline". On the Today Widget, just hit "Switch" in the bottom right.

  6. Why do I need an account to use Pinnacle?

    All climb sessions are automatically synced to your account so the data is never lost.

  7. I am unable to install the app on my Watch and don't see the app listed in the Watch app on my iPhone?

    Try restarting your Watch - hold down the side button and slide to turn off. If that doesn't work please contact me.

  8. How can I fix syncing issues with the Apple Watch?

    In the Pinnacle iPhone app go to the Settings tab and select "Watch Troubleshooting". From there, it should show you what issues you may have and you can contact me directly from that screen to send more information.

  9. Is there a web dashboard to view my climb sessions?

    Not yet, coming soon.