Release Notes

Pinnacle product updates.

iOS · Version: 7.0

Released March 9, 2024

New: iOS 17 and watchOS 10 support Fixed: Adding a note for a workout wasn't updating the display after hitting "Done"

iOS · Version: 6.8

Released Sept. 5, 2023

Fixed: The end workout button sometimes getting stuck on the Apple Watch

iOS · Version: 6.7

Released June 16, 2023

New: Watch corner complication

iOS · Version: 6.6

Released June 13, 2023

Fixed: Strava automatic upload setting

iOS · Version: 6.5

Released May 29, 2023

Fixed: Contact developer button in settings

iOS · Version: 6.4

Released May 17, 2023

Fixed: Crash when viewing stats screen

iOS · Version: 6.3

Released May 11, 2023

Fixed: Action button on Apple Watch Ultra Fixed: Logging notes from the Today Widget Fixed: Removing a workout from Strava

iOS · Version: 6.2

Released March 22, 2023

Fixed: The horizontal scrolling option in the workout view on the Apple Watch.

iOS · Version: 6.1

Released Jan. 15, 2023

Fixed: Restore the iPhone Widget for logging climbs from the lock and home screens

iOS · Version: 6.0

Released Jan. 11, 2023

Improved performance Dropped support for iOS 13 and watchOS 6 (You can still access the latest build for these in App Store > Purchases if your device doesn't support anything higher).

iOS · Version: 5.10

Released Sept. 18, 2022

Fixed: Paused screen on Apple Watch not showing the resume button.

iOS · Version: 5.8

Released July 2, 2022

Performance and reliability updates.

iOS · Version: 5.7

Released Feb. 24, 2022

New: If you delete a workout that has been exported to the Health app you will now have an option to delete it as well. Fixed: If the watch app crashes it will now pick up where you left off in a workout. Fixed: Crashes when using the complication on Watch Series 3 devices Fixed: Timezone of a workout when shared to Strava in some cases.

iOS · Version: 5.6

Released Feb. 4, 2022

New: When deleting a workout, you are now also prompted to delete the data from the Health app. Fixed: Bug when calculating the number of sends on the Stats page.

iOS · Version: 5.5

Released Jan. 29, 2022

New: Tapping on "Max (Sent)" in Stats will now show you every workout where you sent the grade. Improved: Buttons on the watch settings screen are now easier to tap.

iOS · Version: 5.4

Released Nov. 4, 2021

Fix issue logging into Apple Watch app.

iOS · Version: 5.3

Released Oct. 28, 2021

Fix crashes on some models of Apple Watch

iOS · Version: 5.2

Released Sept. 30, 2021

Fixed: Crash for users on iOS 13

iOS · Version: 5.1

Released Sept. 16, 2021

New: Attempts are now included on the stats screen. New: Added an option to delete your account data. Fixed: You can now update a note while logging your workout. Fixed: Adding climb to a workout with no climbs will use the correct discipline. Fixed: Map view not always updating after setting a location for a workout.

iOS · Version: 5.0

Released Sept. 7, 2021

New: You can now use the main app on your phone to log your climbs in addition to the Today Widget.

iOS · Version: 4.5

Released April 20, 2021

Fixed: Issue deleting climbs from the workout editor.

iOS · Version: 4.4

Released April 12, 2021

New: Select a custom date range for the stats page.

iOS · Version: 4.3

Released Jan. 11, 2021

Improved grade system editor New: View all third party licenses Fixed: Titles for workouts with multiple disciplines

iOS · Version: 4.2

Released Nov. 20, 2020

New: Create and edit grade systems for your gym!

iOS · Version: 4.1

Released Oct. 27, 2020

Fixed: Timer on Apple Watch.

iOS · Version: 4.0

Released Oct. 10, 2020

Fixed: Long press to log an attempt on watchOS 7.

iOS · Version: 3.10

Released Sept. 29, 2020

Small improvements for iOS 14

iOS · Version: 3.9

Released June 12, 2020

New: Climbs by grade chart on the workout details page. New: Keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs quickly. New: Redesigned start screen for the Today Widget New: Tap and hold a workout to quickly share or delete it from the list. Fixed: Notes on climbs not always saving properly.

iOS · Version: 3.8

Released Jan. 29, 2020

New: Share individual workouts to the Activity app. New: Add notes to a workout, not just individual climbs. New: Workout detail page now shows active calories burned and total calories burned. New: Button to request new climbing grade systems. New: You are no longer required to log a climb to track a workout. New: The chart when completing a workout on the Apple Watch now shows heart rate information. Fixed: More reliable and accurate active calorie tracking from the Apple Watch. Fixed: Strava share button showing "Server Sync Required" when the app has synced data.

iOS · Version: 3.7

Released Dec. 14, 2019

New: Open multiple windows of Pinnacle on iPad Fixed: Workouts saved from the widget not showing in the main app.

iOS · Version: 3.6

Released Dec. 7, 2019

Fixed: The switch discipline button on the Apple Watch no longer starts new workouts.

iOS · Version: 3.5

Released Nov. 26, 2019

New: Update settings and change grade systems on Apple Watch New: Redesigned start workout screen for Apple Watch

iOS · Version: 3.4

Released Nov. 14, 2019

Fixed: Strava integration setup not launching in iOS 13. Fixed: App crashing in older versions of WatchOS.

iOS · Version: 3.3

Released Nov. 9, 2019

New: Redesigned paused and workout completed screens for Apple Watch. Fixed: Added back support for WatchOS 4.3 Fixed: Workouts exported with Strava not showing the Strava icon.

iOS · Version: 3.2

Released Nov. 5, 2019

Fixed: Size of new Apple Watch complication icons.

iOS · Version: 3.1

Released Oct. 23, 2019

New: Norwegian and South African grade systems. New: Additional grades for UIAA Fixed: "Login to Pinnacle" showing on Apple Watch after logging in on your iPhone.

iOS · Version: 3.0

Released Sept. 19, 2019

New features for iOS 13!

Dark Mode: All new design for the iOS app when your device has Dark Mode turned on. Sign in with Apple: You can now use TouchID or FaceID to login to Pinnacle.

iOS · Version: 2.22

Released Aug. 16, 2019

Fixed: Full-screen maps view when opened from the Stats screen. Fixed: Notes in the workout details screen now show multiple lines when needed.

iOS · Version: 2.21

Released July 24, 2019

New: If you forget to end a workout on your Apple Watch you will now be reminded an hour after your last climb. Fixed: Issues launching the Today Widget.

iOS · Version: 2.19

Released July 22, 2019

New: Watch app performance improvements. Fixed: Issue where notifications from the Watch syncing would not show occasionally.

iOS · Version: 2.18

Released June 5, 2019

New: Control your music from the Apple Watch app. Fixed: Heart rate information on the Apple Watch not updating often enough.

iOS · Version: 2.17

Released June 2, 2019

New: Pinnacle now respects your preferred text size throughout the app New: Translations for French and Spanish

iOS · Version: 2.16

Released May 10, 2019

Fixed: Calendar chart not showing the current day.

iOS · Version: 2.15

Released May 6, 2019

New: Log a note for each climb from the Today Widget New: Pause the current workout from the Today Widget New: Spanish translations

iOS · Version: 2.14

Released May 3, 2019

New: YDS+ grade system added. Fixed: Show a message when Strava needs to re-request login information. Fixed: Issue where a "Login Required" screen would show to Watch OS 1 user's who have already logged in.

iOS · Version: 2.13

Released April 24, 2019

New: Calendar chart in the stats screen shows the days you have worked out. New: Watch connection troubleshooting screen to help fix issues connecting your phone to your watch. New: Improved performance of data syncing between your watch and phone. Fixed: You no longer need to keep your wrist raised when saving a workout on the Apple Watch. It will continue to save and sync in the background. Fixed: Apple Watch showing you are currently in a workout if you have ended a session with no climbs logged. Fixed: Widget bottom buttons clipped on iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 devices.

iOS · Version: 2.12

Released March 16, 2019

New: Touch and drag on the chart to view each level climbed. Fixed: Onboarding visual issues.

iOS · Version: 2.11

Released March 14, 2019

New: Complication to quickly launch Pinnacle on Apple Watch. New: Workouts logged in the Today Widget are now added to the Activity app as well. New: Performance improvements for Today Widget. Fixed: Reset password link on the login screen. Fixed: Issue where a message asking you to log in wouldn't disappear on the Apple Watch. Fixed: Level "VB" not showing properly in charts.

iOS · Version: 2.10

Released March 11, 2019

Fixed: Japanese showing up on the Apple Watch for English users.

iOS · Version: 2.9

Released March 10, 2019

New: Support for the Dan-Kyu grade system. New: Japanese translation, thank you Kyouhei! New: Edit climb experience improved for iPad. Fixed: Crash on iPad when selecting a date range in the Stats screen. Fixed: You can now change the grade system and discipline when editing a climb.

iOS · Version: 2.8

Released Jan. 9, 2019

New: Log a note for each climb on the Apple Watch. Just force touch while you're in a session to see the new option. New: Vertical interface on the watch now scrolls better with the crown and you can switch back and forth between stats quickly. New: Requesting to share all your previous sessions to Strava no longer prompts you to send an email to the developer. New: Faster app launch on the Apple Watch. New: Tap on stats to see the percentage improved over the previous time period. New: Edit the name of a location from the session detail screen. New: Loading screen on login for users with a lot of data. Fixed: Readability of level comparison chart in Stats screen. Fixed: UI not full screen on Watch Series 3 and above.

iOS · Version: 2.7

Released Dec. 18, 2018

New: Automatically upload new workouts to Strava. New: Request to upload all previous workouts to Strava at once. Fixed: The horizontal scale for comparison charts changing on the stats screen.

iOS · Version: 2.6

Released Dec. 10, 2018

New: Strava Integration! Sync your workouts to your Strava profile including heart rate, energy burned, location, and max difficulty.

iOS · Version: 2.5

Released Nov. 28, 2018

Fixed: Widget not fully visible on iPhone SE. Fixed: Slightly collapsed widget preventing the End Workout button from being visible. New: Selected grade system will now be synced to your account.

iOS · Version: 2.4

Released Oct. 23, 2018

Fixed: Crash when manually setting a new location for a climb in the details screen.

iOS · Version: 2.3

Released Oct. 2, 2018

New: Receive notifications when sessions are saved from Watch to Phone. New: See how many sessions are remaining to sync from the Watch. New: Show location map pins in session edit screen. New: Show the location name in the session detail screen. New: Watch app performance improvements. New: Vertical scrolling (you can use the crown as well!) is now the default if you would like to change this please go to Settings. New: Small updates for Watch OS 5 (more coming soon!) New: An icon in Settings to show when there are new features available to read about. New: Pinnacle can now be downloaded on your iPad. Fixed: When pausing a session it will also pause the workout that will show up later in Activity so the duration should be correct. Fixed: Title of Stats page not always updating properly. Fixed: Number of sessions per location in Stats page not always reflecting properly. Fixed: Loading indicator in session list screen not clearly visible.

iOS · Version: 2.2

Released July 25, 2018

New Stats Screen:

  • View total number of difficulties climbed by discipline
  • View total hours climbed, total energy burned, and max difficulty
  • Map of all sessions
  • Name locations on the map view

iOS · Version: 2.1

Released July 11, 2018

New: Onboarding and instructions for the Today Widget. New: Edit whether a climb was completed or not.

iOS · Version: 2.0

Released June 28, 2018

New: Tap on a climb in the details screen to edit its discipline, time, level, and even add notes! New: Export your climb data from the settings screen. New: The Today Widget will now track your location. New: Switch the discipline of a session in the Today Widget. New: View photos that were taken during the climb session on the details screen. New: Show the year of climb sessions logged before 2018.

iOS · Version: 1.22

Released June 6, 2018

New: Change the discipline during a workout. Force touch the screen and select "Change Discipline" to switch from Top Rope to Lead for example. New: Switch between vertical and horizontal scrolling on the watch New: Option to launch the app after ending a session in the Today Widget New: Haptic feedback when tapping levels in the Today Widget

iOS · Version: 1.21

Released May 17, 2018

New: Today widget to log climbs from your phone. New: Pause a workout and resume when ready. New: Faster sync when you haven't connected your watch in a while.

iOS · Version: 1.20

Released May 9, 2018

New: Select different grade systems for Trad, Lead, and Top Rope instead of just "Free Climbing". Fixed: Climb syncing backed up on the Watch when you had a long session or HealthKit tracked a lot of data. Fixed: Rare crash when scrolling through a list of climbs.

iOS · Version: 1.18

Released March 26, 2018

New: Edit the start and end time for your climb sessions.

iOS · Version: 1.17

Released March 21, 2018

Fixed: Slow saves when completing your workout.

iOS · Version: 1.16

Released March 18, 2018

Fixed: Climb sessions occasionally not syncing with the Apple Watch.

iOS · Version: 1.15

Released March 14, 2018

New: Start time, end time, and energy burned on the details screen. New: Additional Australian grades. New: Performance and speed improvements. Fixed: Clipped labels in charts.

iOS · Version: 1.14

Released March 6, 2018

New: Watch syncing improvements New: Additional levels for French grades

iOS · Version: 1.13

Released Jan. 4, 2018

New: Edit the location of a climb. New: Instructions on how to access Healthkit settings for Pinnacle. Fixed: Heart rates not showing on all climbs for long workouts. Fixed: Disable workout tracking setting.

iOS · Version: 1.12

Released Dec. 11, 2017

Fixed: Location permissions to capture workout location.

iOS · Version: 1.11

Released Nov. 30, 2017

Fixed: Quickly save sessions even after waiting a few days to save.

iOS · Version: 1.10

Released Nov. 21, 2017

New: Workouts now save faster, less waiting after you hit "Done." Fixed: Location prompt on Watch OS 4 to capture the location of your workout.

iOS · Version: 1.9

Released Oct. 27, 2017

New: The Apple Watch app will now track the location of your workout so you can view where you climbed. If you are using an Apple Watch Series 1 it will use the phone's location for the workout instead.

iOS · Version: 1.8

Released Oct. 25, 2017

New: Stats screen with information about the last 7 days, 30 days, and all time. New: Improvements running on Watch OS 4 and on Watch Series 1 devices.

iOS · Version: 1.7

Released Oct. 9, 2017

New: Additional grade systems besides Hueco and Yosemite Decimal: Fontainebleau, UIAA, France, GB, and Australia New: Available on Watch OS 3.0 and 3.1 New: Available on iOS 11 and Watch OS 4 Fixed: Top route label not always visible in charts

iOS · Version: 1.6

Released Oct. 5, 2017

New: Climbing workouts are now automatically saved to the Activities app New: Calories burned are now calculated and saved New: Summary stats screen now shown at the end of a workout on the Apple Watch New: Reset your password from the login screen if you forget it

iOS · Version: 1.5

Released Oct. 2, 2017

Fixed: Issue preventing watches without heart rate monitoring enabled from saving climb sessions

iOS · Version: 1.4

Released Sept. 26, 2017

New: The day of the week is now shown for each climb session

iOS · Version: 1.3

Released Sept. 8, 2017

New: Login and create an account using 1Password New: More climb syncing reliability improvements Fixed: Workout screen when viewed on a 38mm Apple Watch Fixed: App store review prompt not always showing

iOS · Version: 1.2

Released Sept. 4, 2017

New: Climb syncing improvements New: Rate Pinnacle from within the app New: Improved login experience Fixed: Climbs not always showing up in the correct order

iOS · Version: 1.1

Released Aug. 22, 2017

New: View the duration of each workout on your iPhone New: Link to contact support

iOS · Version: 1.0

Released Aug. 17, 2017

The initial release of Pinnacle for iOS. New: Log climbs and attempts from your Apple Watch. New: Sync all climbing sessions to your iPhone.